a personal design studio by kelsey kesler piche,
a creative misfit who loves thinking outside the box, tinkering, experimenting, dreaming, x – most importantly – working with cool people on new projects.​

I design custom graphics x websites that showcase your brand

I started my design studio because I love all avenues of design. I have a knack for colour, typography, strategy x prototyping. I use these tools x my varied experience to be an efficient creative for you.

Working with me is like having your own professional design friend. I love getting to know my clients, giving them the best advice x doing what it takes to make their dreams a reality.

My professional background is Manufacturing Administration. I understand production, efficiency and team work. I live budgets, timelines x getting shit done.

I don’t do things FOR you, I do things WITH you. As a leader, strategist, facilitator x partner, I have a seat at the executive table. I won’t mince words when balancing your needs x vision. I believe in open x honest conversations.

Let's get creative together.

You already have a brand vision in place, and need your digital home to match. Using your social media, brand mood boards, or any brand materials we bring it to life. 

You already have a brand vision in place, and now you need anything from digital or print media to swag. 

Photos and video are THE way to communicate your brand. Incredibly visually focused and attention grabbing they draw people in. 

Where I really started digging in the digital world is blogging. I continue on solarfri, klsykslr, kilsaykuslor x kelseykesler

Micro blogs without the heavy lifting + connection is built right in. Engaging your audience with interesting and interactive content that benefits them.

Plan 5 steps ahead and keep them guessing. Know where you want to go, consider how you need to engage to get your desired outcome. 

web collaborations

graphic creations